couldnt do lletz

Hi had lletz under ga when i came round they said they couldnt do it due to cervix or vagina walls been awkward has anyone else had this problem xx

They told me I had what I call a shy cervix so that's why mine couldn't be done under local because they had to clamp it in place. My abnormal parts were close to my vaginal wall so they thought it better to do ga. What have they told you is the next plan of action? Xxxx 

They mentioned hysterectomy think thats b harsh there having a meeting next week hoping ill hqve another opitions xx

Hi Lesley, 

I just came across your post here now. Does that mean they have had you under and then decided it wouldn't be possible for them to perform the LLETZ? Sorry to hear they are suggesting hysterectomy - in your case I would definitely consider a second opinion particularly if you still want to have kids.. Your GP can help you out to give you a referral to a different hospital. This seems quite unusual, but I keep my fingers crossed for you that the plan of procedure may still change. xx

Instead of hysterectomy my second opinion is gonna try a cone biopsy instead x