Couldn't do a smear - bleeding /yellow spots


im 31yr and haven't had a smear since I was 25 approx (don't ask long story with local

clinic fobbing me off)

anyway I found out you can have smear at your Gp with the nurse (news to me ! )

And went for my smear yesterday - the nurse instanly looked shocked when seeing my cervix , and said there were yellow spots , she used the wand/brush thing and well I did just bleed I gushed blood , she tried to stop the bleed and had another atempt but same again .

she wasn't very good tbh and explaining the situation and I'm a very calm person she worried me .


she didn't explain a thing and well said I needed an urgent colonoscopy app which would be 2 weeks approx, I explained I had health insurance and asked her to write this down what I needed and for her to get me a referral letter .


im going for a private consultation tomorrow , and yes she sent me to book in for a colonoscopy (as written clearly by her it wasn't until speaking to the private hosp I found out it was coloposcopy!)

my relevant medical history is IBS , dramatically heavy periods , bleeding after intercourse , bad abdominal bloating (new stretch marks even thou I have no weight gain) and well I'm always tired - but run my own business so put that down to that .

I also went to the doctor in January about blood in my poo, and if I'm honest sex has been painful for about a year now , 

as you can imagine I'm v worried 

Sometimes yellow could be polyps they bleed very easily and are totally benign, sounds like she was abit of a idiot for getting you so worried not helpful at all! xxx

Really hope all went ok yesterday for you? At least with private Heath you will have no waiting times. Big hugs x