Could use some straight talk

Hi there, I'm 38 years old and in the United States.  I did a stupid thing when I moved accross the country six years ago and didn't find a new doctor in my new city.  I've had some spotting after sex beginning about a year ago but disregarded it because it seemed like my period started a couple days later, and another time I had just finished my period, and sometimes it was so scant I told myself that wasn't what it was.  I skipped a few periods recently and it came back pretty heavy on July 11.  Since then I'm having pretty serious irregular bleeding and spotting not related to sex.  I've also had some lower back pain.  

Anyway, I am freaking out about having cervical cancer.  I know I need to make an appointment asap.  Is there any other advice you folks can share with me?  What should I say to the doctor?  I haven't told any friends or my boyfriend because I'm so scared and also embarrassed that I treated my own health so poorly.  

Hey there, sorry to hear you've been having troubles. There is a huge list of things it could be so try not to overthink things. When did you last have a smear? If you're overdue then definitely book one as you should anyway and that'll help find out if your symptoms are related. If your not overdue I would just tell the doctor your symptoms, voice your concerns and ask for a smear anyway. The best thing to do if you're concerned is get the ball rolling to find out what's going on. But like I said, try not to jump to conclusions as it could be anything xxx

Thank you!  It's been over six years since I've had one!  I made an appointment with a doctor I know for August 27 (the first I could get in).  I'll report back.  Best of luck with your treatments.  

Glad to hear you've got an appointment :) I hope it all goes well ! Big hugs xx