Could the bleeding be something else?

It’s me… Again!

For those of you who haven’t seen my previous posts:

  • Smear done (1st one) in September
  • Diagnosed with HPV & Low Cell changes in October
  • Waiting on colposcopy in November

I’m bleeding still outside of my period and I’m utterly convinced it can’t be anything other than advanced cervical cancer even though I’m only 28. Can anyone help ease my mind? Could it be my implant? Random bleeding not related? A blockage?

I just can’t see it being anything other than advanced cervical cancer as it’s a main symptom and I’m really making myself ill thinking about it constantly. I’m not on the 2 week cancer pathway, my colposcopy is not for 4 weeks but it doesn’t help ease my mind at all, as I know cells can be regraded at the colposcopy and cancer can be found.

I just need someone to tell me it could be something else so I can cope for the next 3 weeks waiting on my appointment. It’s really tearing me apart mentally and I just can’t cope.

Hi @KellieC

It absolutely could be down to something completely unrelated :slight_smile: while i was being monitored for CIN1 my periods went haywire, they were extremely heavy to the point where i couldnt even move without leaking through then when i wasnt bleeding i was either spotting/bleeding lightly or had bloody discharge i just couldnt catch a break constantly having to wear a pad sometimes 2 lol

I did end up needing a LLETZ treatment as my cells progressed to CIN3, but nothing other than CIN was found in my biopsy… although abnormal bleeding is a main symptom of CC, it usually doesnt end up being the cause there are many unrelated conditions that have the same symptoms or even a hormonal imbalance can set them off xx

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Yeah I’m really panicking, I had bleeding for a few months, basically only having a week or so not bleeding so like 2 weeks weird random blood when I wipe, then a week on my period and then a week off - this was in August/Sep, then I stopped having random bleeding and just had my period for one week during the whole of October and now I’ve started having random bleeding again. It’s so worrying because the symptom is making it impossible for me to relax as every time I go loo, it’s making me remember I could have cc.

I do have the IUD implant and it’s coming to needing it replaced (end of Jan) so I didn’t know if potentially that could be the cause? As before I wasn’t getting periods at all for the first 2 years of my IUD but now I’m getting periods again and this bleeding. I have also had a stressful year with wedding planning so thought maybe that could also be the reason.

I need to really stop googling because every time I do, literally the only thing that comes up is advanced cervical cancer. I am just praying so much that it isn’t advanced if I do have it and I at least have a chance of fighting it.

Thank you so so much for your reply you don’t understand how appreciative I am, I feel so alone.

Dr Google has a terrible habit of misdiagnosing lol have you spoken to your GP or nurse about your symptoms? Its clear you do have something going on, but 9 times out of 10 its usually down to contraception, stress or a condition… its not uncommon to start bleeding again after 2 years, i had one in over 10 year ago and i had pretty much the same as what you have described i couldnt cope so i just didnt have it in again lol but any abnormal bleeding should be looked into

I still have no idea what was causing my symptoms then, my periods went back to normal for a couple of month after my LLETZ but theyve started acting up again spotting/abnormal discharge before it starts then bleeding lasting for around 9 days just not as heavy as before, when thats not normal for me… ill be going to the GP myself about the new ones but i can rule out CC as my LLETZ didnt show anything disturbing and my test of cure was clear so im back on the 3 year recall xx

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Yes so my GP is definitely aware as my smear had been cancelled during covid (1st one) then I had to cancel my 2nd due to circumstances but the bleeding started so I called up and told my doctor my symptoms and they told me I had to have a smear and STD swabs, I had to be given tablets to stop the bleeding so I could have the smear done.

I also told the nurse at my smear but she didn’t seem concerned, she didn’t mention seeing anything untoward and when my GP called about the smear results, he said it’s low grade changes but I need a colposcopy so I think that’s also weighing on my mind that they could think it is CC related as they’ve not mentioned me taking my implant out, or anything else to see if it’s something other than CC if that makes sense? I’m not sure if it’s worth doing anything until I’ve had the colposcopy because at least if I can rule out cancer, I can then just have my implant removed and see if that’s the issue.

My husband has suggested me getting my implant taken out now to see it it does stop the bleeding but the fact the colposcopy is only in 3/4 weeks makes me think I should just wait for that.

I’ve read online that it takes years and years for it to advance and being only 28 it’s unlikely if its cancer, it would be an advanced stage but the fact I have the most common symptom of advanced is weighing me down so much. Every time I think something positive such as I’m not on the cancer pathway, my brain then goes to “Well just cause they didn’t see it at the smear, doesn’t mean it isn’t cancer” so I’m always going from positive to negative every day! It’s so tiring!

I know exactly what you mean, i was backwards and forwards the first time feeling fobbed off constantly nobody would do anything i was just told to ‘wait untill my follow up’ and sent away so Dr Google and myself self diagbosed me with atleast stage 3 lol

Thats the worst thing, we cant escape our own thoughts and when it comes to the unknown we cant help but let our imagination run wild lol but if they thought it was CC related even if they cant see anything you would be seen alot sooner xx

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Hi KellieC

You do seem to be rushing ahead in your thinking, and you’ve had good advice from @Tinkerbelle29. I’m chiming in as someone who has been through advanced cervical cancer, to say please don’t Google! You cannot diagnose anything from Google-it’s not a doctor and will point to worst case scenario with everything.

Bleeding can have any number of causes, not all of them cancer, but Google will have you dead and buried, which is why I NEVER did it. Yes, bleeding CAN be a symptom of cervical cancer but it tends not to be the only one in advanced cervical cancer from my experience! And it’s not necessarily the main symptom of that. Mine was not constant bleeding for example.

If a doctor/gynaecologist suspects cancer, you go on the 2 week referral, and this hasn’t happened for you. Please don’t spend your life worrying about something that hasn’t happened-it’s honestly such a waste.