Could someone help please

I had a large loop excision over 2 weeks ago and I was told that I would receive the results in the post within 2 weeks, 2 weeks to the day I received a phone call from the hospital saying they’d like me to go in the next day for a follow up, unfortunately I am away till tomorrow and had to reschedule the appointment for next week, with them calling me back in should I be worried that it’s something serious as they never said I would be called back in just that I would receive a letter, please be honest with your answer as I would just rather know

Hi @heidstrom1

There are a couple of reasons this could be for and they could be on either end of the spectrum

  1. When removing abnormalities they aim to get clear margins, if they havnt met the margins they will determine whether the loop wire would have burnt away the remainder, if they havnt met them or atleast happy with what they removed they call us in for further treatment

Or 2. They want to go over your LLETZ results in person, now this could be anything from they didnt find anything not even a CIN too they did find something, so they need to discuss this with you

Their wording of “for a follow up” rather than saying “to discuss your results” is making me sway more towards the first instance, they may be wanting you in for further treatment xx

Thank you for your reply I really appreciate it, I am just so scared of what they are going to say xx