Could MRI be for anything other than staging?

Hi, Sorry for the long post, I'm just hoping someone has been in the same position as me and can give me an indication of what my situation is likely to be. I recently went for urgent colposcopy after severe dyskaryosis result on my smear. The colposcopist saw a large area of abnormal cells and said there was no way she would be able to treat under local and I would need another appointment under general. She then took around 8 punch biopsies and said she would fast track my results and they would be back within the week. A week later I got a call from the radiology bookings department to book me in for an mri, they obviously couldn't tell me why so I rang gynaecology to look on the system to see if my results were back. The nurse seemed really helpful and said there was nothing on the system showing my results being sent out but they most likely had them and were waiting to discuss them at the MDT meeting and she would try get my consultant to call me. I didn't receive a call so phoned back on Friday and spoke to the same nurse who was alot more abrupt with me this time and said she remembered speaking to me and they can't discuss results over the phone so I'll just have to wait till they contact me, maybe early next week??!! As you can imagine I'm all over the place. I can't see that an mri could be for anything other than staging?? So feel like I've had to diagnose myself. But then the other part of me feels they wouldn't just let me be in limbo like this so maybe the mri is completely unrelated and they dont have my mri results back yet? I have a couple of close friends who I have confided in and are amazing support but I feel so insensitive to put them through thinking I have cancer just because of my assumptions. Has anyone else been in this situation? I didn't ask enough questions in colposcopy as I was gripped by fear despite being prescribed diazepam for the appointment. I'm 31 and this was my first smear. I have a huge phobia of medical procedures especially down there due to alot of hospital time when I was a child. Stupid I know, but every time I managed to book my smear and try to go I ended up having huge anxiety attacks and not going. It wasn't until I went to the doctors with symptoms (abnormal bleeding, bleeding after sex, painful sex, back pain) that my GP prescribed me diazepam to prevent the panic attacks and got me to go for my smear.

Hiya Hun I was in the same situation as you 2 yrs ago Thay will all have a meeting about your results so when you go and have your meeting Thay will no what stage you are I found out I was stage 2b I was numb when Thay told me thinking the worst it is very treatable I had 5 cycles chemo and 25 radiation and 3 inturnal radiation the treatment went well felt a little bit sick with the chemo but you will be given anti sickness tabs if you would like to ask me any thing I will try help and support you Hugh n love cx

Hi princess 

first I would like to say how proud I am of you that you did indeed get through a Pap smear and a colposcopy since you suffer from anxiety. That alone is a big accomplishment.  :)

there are indeed some other things that cause abnormalities of the cervix such as cysts,polyps, etc. However, from what you have described and the manner in which your MRI appointment came about it does seem to point towards a diagnosis of cc. But!!! None of us are dr's !!! So, with that in mind we can only assume just as you are right now. 

Until you actually hear it from your dr you do not know for sure. As hard as it is try to stay positive and busy. Soon enough you will know and post as many questions you have. 

Also please know that cc is very curable! 

Best of luck

Thank you so much for your replies ladies. 

I'm extremely lucky to have a job where i can work from home if needed so can keep busy without showing my miserable face round the office :) I got my MRI appointment call whilst at work and its impossible to hold it together and would rather tell my colleaugues in my own time. 

CVS did you have an MRI before diagnosis too? Can you remember how long after your MRI your appointment with the consultant was? the waiting is just awful as i'm sure you all know. I was fast tracked too so my heart goes out to all the ladies that have to wait the full 4 weeks for results, it must be torture!

Hi Princess :-)

I am in complete agreement with Lolli. Everything you have told us does point towards a cc diagnosis but self-diagnosis and online diagnosis are both very dangerous territory and you must in reality wait for a qualified doctor to tell you the truth.

I was diagnosed five years ago, the journey is not so terribly difficult and I have been cancer-free ever since :-)

Be lucky :-)

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I completely understand what you are saying about self diagnosis, i think i just want to prepare myself in a way - although if truth be told it doesnt feel real at all and i think only a doctor saying you do or do not have cancer will make reality hit.

on the plus side the bookings team did ring me this morning and i have got an appointment with the consultant tomorrow afternoon so at least the initial wait is over and i will just have to keep everything crossed.