Could it be something else?


After an abnormal pap and irregular bleeding, I was scheduled for a colposcopy today. My doctor found a large mass on my cervix. She said it appeared to be about 6 cm, and she thinks it's stage 1 or 2 cervical cancer. I was floored when I heard the C word... I get regular paps every year and nothing has ever shown up. It's been very emotional today. And of course, I took to the Internet to find out everything I can about this cancer. I'm still awaiting biopsy results, but it there any chance this could be something besides cancer?

Also, I see that a lot of people on here chose radical hysterectomy, is that really a better option than radiotherapy? 


I don't really have anything useful to put but I just wanted to reply to provide some support. This must be so stressful for you. Were you given an indication of when you would have the biopsy results? The helpline has wonderful people to chat to if you're feeling low about it X

The biopsy results should be done next week. I'm feeling better today, as I think I can figure out what the worst case scenario is. Thanks for the support!