could cancer be advanced in 2 years?

hiya probaly a silly question from me anxietys on overload but i had a normal smear over two years ago ,im on the pill but for the past month ive been spotting mostly brown,bleeding after sex,suffering urinary problems ,severe back and pelvic pain ,new smear booked in for 3 weeks,im terrified ive got cervical cancer due to never being well ,is there a possibility cancer if i have it could be advanced in over 2 years?? xx

It's generally a very slow growing cancer so try not to worry your symptoms could be a number of things but our minds get carried away. Lots of love

thanks for ur kind words the wait is killing me ,my minds imagined all sorts :( and my urinary issues seem to be getting worse and the back pains severe ,i just want it to hurry up till my smear appointment xx