Coping with the wait

Hi all,

I am in a watch and wait situation for recurrance in my lympnodes.

Scan every three months (next one January) umable to biopsy at the time.

Pet scan was positive, CT showed minor growth.

Has anyone been in the same situation and how did you cope with the waiting and unknown?

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Following as I don’t have my first scan until February 2024 as finished treatment last Wednesday.


I am also on a watch and wait after my 2nd recurrence. There’s not a day that goes by when I’m not thinking about it .
I have another scan in a couple weeks .
For the most part I’m ok, except around scan times .
I try to carry on with normal life.
I still work full time , plan little breaks away and outings when I can .
I take a heap of supplements In some kind of hope they will help me . Which makes me feel proactive within my care .
One day at a time .
Take care

Oh my, second recurrance !!

Do you mind me asking what treament you have had each time?

My next treatment will be 3 chemo mix.

I am too working full time, but its quite a lonely role. No one to distract me.

What suppliments are you taking, I am taking multi vits , ive tried to be healthier but I have a masssive sweet tooth!!!

Do you do anything to help help around scan times?

I hope your next scan goes well x

Darling, the waiting is the worse part of this dreadful disease. I seemed to always be waiting. I worked full time and that was a distraction. I watched Game of Thrones, Luther and many other fabulous box sets. I read novels where the story was worse than what I was suffering. I cut out negative people and enjoyed the company of funny and positive friends. To go into some kind of fantasy world helped me cope with reality but that’s my way of coping. Find yours and although keeping healthy, if you want a treat flipping well have one … or two :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I hear you, but I think the news or recurrance has taken more away from me than initial diagnosis!

Finding positivity whilst waiting is hard no matter how desperately I try.