Coping with bleeding

Hi ladies, first time poster here but have found great help and reassurance from this forum after being diagnosed 6 weeks ago with stage 3C. I started my radio/chemotherapy this week and doing okay so far. This week was tougher emotionally than I ever expected but physically just tired.
One thing I’m struggling to find is anyone else who is suffering with bleeding though so just wanted to put it out there in the hope of some reassurance. I had five really heavy bleeds the week before my treatment started - sorry for the gory details but when I say heavy, the first one I woke up soaked through, sheets and everything and when I ran to the loo lots of big clots came out. I also had one sitting eating my lunch at the kitchen table, jeans soaked through and again large clots. The heaviness has now stopped as the doc prescribed me with some meds but it’s still like I’m on my period constantly. I’m scared to leave my house in case something similar happens with the heavy bleeding again and struggling to sleep with worry. Has anyone experienced anything similar?
Love to all of you brave ladies xx

Hi @Jowilso25 - You aren’t alone. I was stage 3b with lymph node involvement and suffered from horrible bleeding for 8 months prior to my diagnosis and into treatment. I had one last big bleed during treatment - I think about halfway through and then haven’t bled since. Make sure you are keeping your team posted about all of your symptoms and good luck to you as you go through treatment. :two_hearts:

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Hi, I have also had heavy bleeding for the first half of my treatment, it gradually stopped and then I had kind of a period at the end of external radiation and some bleeding after brachy, stage 3C like you. So don’t worry, have faith in your healing!

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Thank you for your replies - it was pretty terrifying the amount and how limiting in terms of being able to leave the house, but all my healthcare folk have treated it as something they expect to see - I just haven’t heard many people talk about it! So thank you for your replies and hope you are doing really well now :purple_heart: