convincing myself of the worst

Hi i have a colposcopy appointment on Monday. this will be my second. however this time i have symptoms and have basically convinced myself that the worst is going to happen. Im 28 and never had a normal smeat so have had to have them every 6 months. What if something hasn't been detected before and the symptoms are because its now far advanced The waiting for the results is going to seem like a lifetime xx

The stress is horrible isnt it? But colposcopies are a very good way of being monitored. A visual inspection and biopsy gives a better picture of cervix health than a smear alone. That's the way I look at it: you're being monitored closely so changes won't go unnoticed. Evidently nothing bad showed up at the last one (six months ago?) and changes on the cervix happen slowly. Symptoms are of course worrying for you and you should mention them to the colposcopist, but symptoms do not necessarily mean cancer by any means. X