contradicting letters regarding smear results before colposcopy

Hi Ladies

please accept my appologies for this post it might be a bit long, as i am ging to be writing what my two letters sayd

had my smear results from the Cervical Cytology Screening Service through saying my results were abnormal and that there were changes to some of the cells called high grade dyskaryosis and that i will be recieving a letter from either the hospital clinic or my GP for a colposcopy appointment

Today i got a etter from the hospital clinic that had a whole sentence saying pretty much the same but it reads 

'abnormalities called negative, borderline nuclear changes/mild/moderate/servere dyskaryosis/high risk HPV detected'

and all the words were crossed out apart from moderate.

now i am so confused as to if it is high grade or moderate.

Has anyone else ever had conflicting letters before?

Thank you in advance for any posts

HAilz xx

Hello, hope your OK. Regarding the letters high grade is usually classed as moderate or severe changes. But in my experiences if its a definite severe dyskaryosis they tend to put that instead of a grade but I believe at this stage its just a best guess until they have done the colp. And possibly biopsies. Sorry this is a bit rambling but I think it depends what area your from as well.

Debs :-)

Hi Debs

Thank you for your reply, it makes sense that they could mean the same thing, never thought of that.

I just really hate waiting around, my appointment at the hospital isn't for another 2 weeks, and this is the first time my smear test has come back abnormal so just getting a little anxious 


Hayley x