Contraceptive pill... good or bad?

Hi all,

I don't know if you have already talked about it in this forum, so I apoligize if I am repeating old discussions.

The thing is that I'm just wondering what was your reaction, what have you been told and what have you done about the contraceptive pill once you found out about the cell changes on your cervix. I'm taking Cilest, one of the risk is higher probability of cervical cancer, and I'm considering to get off the pill to let my body recover naturally.

Thanks in advance.

Mary xxxx



Hi Mary,

I don’t know what’s right or wrong about it but I chose to stop taking mine quite soon after all this stuff starting going wrong.(microginon) spelt totally wrong lol I think to myself I don’t need another drug interfering with my bodies natural defences!

The doc never said anything about the pill, just at the very beginning one said ’ the pill can cause you to experience symptoms that relate to cc’ oh brill I thought ! Thanks for that, after I walked out of that room lol

Hope this helps a little, take care xx


I think the pill can increase your chances of cervical cancer slightly, although that could be because you are less likely to use other protection when on it! However it strongly reduces the chances of getting other cancers such as ovarian cancer which currently there are no screening tools in place for. 

For any risks increased by the pill, it would take a good few years for the effects to disappear.

Its a difficult decision but I decided to stay on mine, as my Dr said it wouldnt make a difference in a a short time frame


Hi hula-hoop,

Thanks for replying. I'm confused, don't know what to do yet. I agree with everything you said... a difficult decision... xxxx