I just wondered if it's ok to be on the pill (cerazette) whilst under investigation. I had my first smear in 2010 with an abnormal result, followed by a biobsy and normal smear result, then continued to have 6 monthly check ups (normal smears but with abnormal changes only seen in the colposcopy) and then in Oct 2012 had another biopsy and showed changes (CIN 1).

I know I'm best off talking to my GP but any help or advice on contraception in the mean time would be appreciated (I'm weary of condoms due to previous accidents!!). 

Many thanks,


I was prescribed cerazette while going through all mine makes no diff at all. Combined pill has slightly higher risk of causing probs but not the mini one xx


Hi Roo,

I'm on the pill and at my colposcopy/LLETZ the colposcopist didn't say anything about coming off the pill or anything like that so I don't think it's a problem :) x x x

I asked this at my first colposcopy and was told that the pill had nothing at all to do with it, I'm still on the pill now but i do worry every now and then if i should come off it

Thanks, all the bets for your treatment x