contraception (fertility mentioned)

Hi ladies, it's been a while since i have posted on here having been diagnosed last year then being given the all clear.


I am currently on the combined contraceptive pill but want to have the mirena put in for longer term effectiveness, however i have come up against many people telling me i can't have it due to my history. Just wondering what other people's experience of this? And what options are given? 


Many thanks :)

Hi ya. I was with my consultant yestetday for follow up. I have had 1 lletz for cgin and will possibly require another. I don't plan on having more children. The consultant recommended the coil, don't know if that helps. 


i had a LLETZ procedure last year which revealed a very small early stage cancer. 

part of the reason I had the investigations that ended with this procedure was irregular bleeding, because of this I was advised not have the mirena coil. The manufacturers own website advises against it as it can cause light break through bleeding which may cause you to panic that the cancer has come back. 

So after speaking to the sex health clinic (my consultant recommended I go there as in his own words "my knowledge is a bit outdated, see an expert") I opted for a copper coil as a replacement for my implant. I had the coil fitted in November and the implant removed in February and can honestly say it's the best decision I've ever made! Regular cycle and knowledge that im not putting additional chemicals into my body is great :)