Continuous abnormal results


New here, been reading through everyones experiences and I’m half reassured and half panicked!

I had my first smear at 24 which came back abnormal, low grade changes with HPV present, went for colposcopy and they said there was no abnormality visible so they would put me on to yearly smears to keep an eye on it.

The next year came back the same, low grade changes, went for colposcopy again and was told the area was tiny and as it was so low grade, didn’t need treatment and to go for my smear again the next year. The next smear a year later was done at the colposcopy clinic and they said they could see nothing so smear should come back normal, it didn’t.

By this point the clinic said that although the changes were not getting worse, they should have cleared up by themselves by now and that although they could see nothing at colposcopy to worry about, the smears were picking some abnormal cells up. They said at this point it was up to me, I could wait and see if they’d completely cleared in a year but they would recommend treatment at this point to get rid of the small area that was causing the problem. I went for the loop excision and a sample was sent off for testing. I got a letter from them a few weeks later saying no abnormalities had been found in my sample and to attend a follow up smear in 6 months time. I had that smear two weeks ago and am now waiting for my results.

I guess aside from wanting some reassurance from people who understand my worry, my main question is why is my smear always abnormal but they’re not finding anything at colposcopy? And if the ‘abnormal’ area was removed with the loop excision, why was the sample found to be normal? Surely it should have been abnormal?

I’m trying not to worry but I’ve never had a normal smear and am a bit confused by the whole situation, the wait is killing me yet part of me doesn’t want to know the result! I’m getting married in two months and would love to start a family pretty soon and feel like if the result is abnormal again I’ll be putting my life on hold for that normal result!

I understand a lot of people have much more worrying/worse results and issues and I’m sorry if it sounds trivial but it’s just so frustrating to have a ‘mild’ problem that won’t go away!

Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance for any advice


I'm having a similar issue. They saw high risk HPV abnormal cells, did coloscopy, but the cells were just abnormal for an unknown reason or something, I was not diagnosed with a stage or anything, just come back in a year. The stupid scary thing is I go in every year for a pap, always clear,,got a divorce, dated ua guy and BAM my pap was abnormal a year later. I told my doc that I felt like my vagina was sick, felt like petrified and swollen, and that I was concerned it was sick. They assure me you can't feel hpv but yet I felt the abnormal cell inflammation,which is why I went it a few months early for my pap. I'm 31 2 kids feel ripped off , need to get life insurance I guess