Continued Pain, 18 months on

Hi all, I was wondering if any of the experts or forum users might have any insight or advice for me.

I had a colposcopy following a borderline smear in July 2012; I wasn't really prepared for what happened while in the appointment - I was expecting a pain-free or slightly uncomfortable procedure, but what actually happened was a punch biopsy which literally doubled me up in pain, I nearly passed out and then felt extremely sick.

I had all the after effects that are to be expected for a week or two following the procedure (bleeding, grainy discharge and pain), and my results came back CIN 1 (thankfully). I've since had a follow up appointment which came back clear.

However, I still get pain in the place where the biopsy was taken, which gets especially sore during intercourse. Prior to the biopsy I was fine, but now sex hurts every time, and I also get the stinging, pinching sensation regularly.

I have been back to my GP who wasn't very helpful at all. I was wondering if anyone can give me any advice, as it is effecting both my confidence and my relationship.

Thanks for Reading.