Contact bleeding

Hi all, just wondering if anyone’s gyno had a hard time performing colposcopy due to bleeding on contact - eg with the speculum. He at first suspected cervicitis but his last phone call made it sound more ominous due to highly abnormal cells. And that’s why I’m here: scared. Given the position of my cervix, screens are already difficult, but I wonder if the presence of blood also hampers the doctor’s assessment.

Hi I went for a colposcopy and the minute she touched my cervix I started bleeding so she didn’t want to do it there and then as she wasted to get as much as she could. She said I needed to have it done under a general anasethic so they could do what they needed to. My results came back as CIN3 precancerous.unfortunately I am going back in on Wednesday to have another Lletz as they didn’t get everything first time round. Xx

Yeah, same here with the bleeding, as mentioned. :-/ So frustrating, but thanks for sharing as I went through the same and just knowing one other person did too, makes me feel better. I wish you well and please feel free to update! With best wishes Xx Ana.

AnaM I will let you know how I get on definitely. Hope you get on ok as well. Did they manage to your colposcopy in the end successfully xx

He said I didn’t even need it - that all the evidence from the tests prior made him fully in support of the LLETZ Xx