Consultation for CIN2, but no treatment offered

Hi everyone,

I’m 27 years old and had an abnormal smear in September showing low grade cell changes and HPV. I was referred for a colposcopy where I had a biopsy. The biopsy results came back showing CIN2, and I was referred for another colposcopy last week. At this appointment I spoke with a consultant, who explained that because I’m young and haven’t had any children, they did not want to treat the CIN2 at this stage, but suggested to come back for another colposcopy in 6 months time. She explained that the cells may return to normal on their own, even if they are CIN2, and if not, they could treat me at my next colposcopy.

I want to trust their professional opinion, but part of my just wants the cells removed as I’m worried that it will progress to CIN3 (or worse). Has this happened to anyone else before? Did you request a second opinion? I’d love to hear your experiences of being told you have CIN2 but not being offered treatment straight away.



I would enquire about the treatment cold coagulation. This is an effective treatment for CIN 2, is not as invasive as other treatments and has no impact on fertility or pre-term labour. I had it and didn’t even bleed after. It is supposed to be 90% effective on a par with LLETZ.


Thank you for the suggestion. I’ve spoken with my GP since and they have reassured me that in the time between my last appointment and my next in March it’s very unlikely things will change for the worse, so I think I’m going to wait and see what they say then.