Consultant rang

I had my colospocy last Thursday where they found a growth and said I had either severe abnormal cells or boarding on to something else. The hospital rang this afternoon, they are having a meeting to discuss my results tomorrow morning and want to see me afterwards. I looked on the hospital website and the consultant I’m seeing is the gynaecology cancer doctor.
It’s going to be bad news isn’t it?

Sorry I don't have much experience as I'm still waiting for my biopsy results but wanted to wish you all the best for your appointment x

Thank you. Everything seems be very quick here in Somerset but I'm not sure if they are rushing me through or that's just how fast the nhs works here. When did you have your biopsies? X

I can't tell you one way or another what your outcome will be.   However I can tell you that I was diagnosed with cervical cancer - when I told one of my best friends about my diagnosis, it transpired that she'd had her mildly abnormal cells treated by the same consultant - i think these doctors deal wth both pre-cancerous and cancerous cells.  Try not to panic, even if it is cc it is highly likely to be very early stages.  Mine was early stage and from diagnosis to 'all clear' it was about 6 weeks. Good luck 

Hi. I'm in Wilts so we may share the same hospital. PM me if you like, I know the team pretty well! 

If you are being called in after an MDT then some treatment is obviously being considered. 

whether thst is cancer or not no one can say, but, if at time of exam they weren't sure, you can be comforted that if it is cancer it will probably early stages. 

thank you ladies. I don't think anyone can reassure me right now but your words are comforting. 

365, I'm going to the women's hospital in Yeovil this morning which is where I had my colposcopy, but I'm hoping any treatment will be done at musgrove in Taunton as my husband works there and is a little easier to get to xx