Consultant problems


I haven't been around for a while, don't know who else to turn to...

So I had a tiny amount of cancer cells that were removed in my first loop procedure, had a second one afterwards to be sure. At my 6 month check up was told all looked fine. Then for called in for the results and was told there were mild changes. I felt at the appointment the consultant was rude to me and my mum and didn't value my opinions. At MDT meeting the consultants had disagreed about the best course of action as I want children in the future and the changes were mild.

Anyway I decided to wait til the next check up, when it came around I was so upset at the thought of seeing that consultant I cancelled my appointment. This was about 4 months ago now and the consultant has written to my Dr telling him different information to what she told me!! My Dr was lovely and I've decided to now make a private appointment with a different consultant. 

Does anyone have any recommendations please? I'm in Leicestershire but would be willing to travel anywhere for someone who will listen and put my best interested at heart.

 I also have a mental health condition that I don't feel has ever been taken into account. Sorry for the long post just feeling so upset and lost.