Consultant appointment

So I have an appointment to see the consultant after the colposcopy and biopsy last week.....its on monday, think I will feel better once I know what Im dealing with.  I guess thats its at least 1B as the growth in visable to the naked eye.... Blooming waiting !!!!! 

Big hugs, the waiting is definitely the hardest part for sure. Once you know what plan of action is you will feel better. In the meantime keep busy doing normal things and watch movies to keep mind occupied. Definitely stay away from google if you have a question ask on here. Lots of support here for you lots of ladies who have been there and have all clear to give you support or if you just want to rant that's fine too. 

Big hugs again xxxx

Exactly as Sarah says :-) Good luck for tomorrow.


Be lucky :-)

Right, well I saw a different consultant today and she was a lot nicer, confirmed I have cancer and has booked me in for a further colposcopy under GA with investigation of bladder too to see if its affected.  She said the treatment would be radical hysterectomy with removal of my ovaries or chemo/radiation, either way early menopause.  So thats booked for tomorrow !!!! She was fine that I couldnt stand the MRI and has booked a CT which will be on Thursday.  So this time next week I should have some answers.....fingers crossed x 

Glad you have seen a nicer consultant and they are getting you the tests you need.  Good luck with it all and fingers crossed you can get away with surgery alone. xxx

Brilliant! :-)