Consultant appointment for LLETZ results

Hi all, I'm new on here and out of my mind with worry. I had a colposcopy on 8th May and a LLETZ was performed there and then following identification of extensive CIN3.  The nurse said she'd 'got it all' and that I'd just need to come back for a follow-up smear in November. However, I'm a major worrier and sometimes I stress so much that I miss key bits of information, so I really hadn't picked up on the fact that the LLETZ is essentially a test and that at some point I'd get results!  

So, I got a letter yesterday telling me that my smear appointment in Nov has been cancelled and instead I'm to go in and see the Consultant next Monday, 8th June. That's it, no other detail was given. I phoned up to see if they could give me any more info to put my mind at rest a bit and save me panicking for the next week, but the nurse said they can't give results over the phone, and that's made me worry even more because surely if the news was good or even neutral they wouldn't drag me in to see the Consultant? Has anybody else experienced similar, or can you give me an idea of what to expect when I go in? The nurse wasn't very forthcoming, just kept saying that the Consultant would be able to answer my questions next week and that I should try not to worry in the meantime. Easier said than done!!

I can't focus on anything else at the moment, I've had a meltdown in work and I'm being a complete cow to everyone because I'm so stressed. I know everybody's experience with this is different and in the absence of any real information at this stage it's going to be hard for anyone to give advice...I think maybe I just came on here to vent a little to people who understand.  People keep telling me there's no point worrying until I've got results but it's the not knowing that's wrecking my nerves. Any moral support that might stop me losing it completely between now and next Monday would be very much appreciated. 

Jo xx

Oh Jo, I really feel for you. Of course you are worried and stressed. Its funny how people think they are saying the right thing by telling you not to worry, its pretty much impossible when you have so many thoughts swishing around in your head.

Obviously, I'm no doctor, but going by the fact that they thought they had got it all at your LLETZ could still be good news. They are reknowned for not giving away ANY information over the phone, so its impossible to tell by them saying nothing. They may want to tell you that they removed everything but what they removed was a little worse than they thought. They check the margins of what they removed at the LLETZ, if the margins are clear, then they know they have removed all of the offending cells. They would not tell you something like this over the phone. 

They might also want to tell you that you need another LLETZ, if the margins were not clear. This is something else they may not tell you over the phone.

I know you are probably thinking the absolute worst right now, but there are quite a few reasons why a consultant may call you back. I just wish they didn't have to make you wait so long in limbo. Is there anything you can do to keep your mind off it for the week? Walking, swimming, reading... anything?

Hiya i cant really help with the results side as im currently waiting for my lletz results after cin3 was found. I just thought might be worth you phoning and asking for a cancelation if you feel you cannot wait this long, you could even try calling every day to see if anyone has cancelled first thing? I know i would be feeling the exact same, just waiting for the lletz results are driving me insane! i hope everything goes ok x

Hi both, thanks so much for responding. 

I feel like a complete idiot for not realising that they'd run tests on what they took away during the LLETZ - I got so worked up before the colposcopy that I think I must have just heard 'CIN3.....I got it all' and been so relieved that I've not taken in the rest of the conversation.  I've barely given the procedure a second thought over the past three weeks so getting the Consultant appointment was a total shock, but jjcarnage, your message has given me a little more peace of mind - thank you.  Part of my fear was that I had literally no idea of what the Consultant might want to say (other than the obvious) so it's really helped to have you point out some possibilities that don't begin with C! 

Thanks kandicrash, too - that's a good suggestion re cancellations.  I can't take time out of work at *really* short notice but I'll ring tomorrow and see if they have any appointments on Thursday or Friday.  I hope you don't have to wait much longer for your results - ignorance was bliss in my case, I can't imagine how much worse it must be having to wait for weeks on end to hear back.  Fingers crossed it's good news for both of us xx


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Thank you, the wait is definately driving me insane! hopefully it wont be to much longer for me now though. Goodluck with yours and please keep us updated when you find out your results x

Hi Little Jem, 

i know exactly what you mean, its the waiting around that kills you, why cant they just tell you! 

Im in the same situation, 1st ever smear in march 2015, borderline changes low grade dyskarioses HPV positive, so went for colposcopy April 2015, 

results returned as a mixture of CIN 1 & 2, LLETZ performed, nurse said it had been removed evrything okay!

june 2015 get a letter (which was clearly meant for my doctor and not me) LLETZ treatment uneventful we will notify you of histology results when there available and 

futher management plan! What the hell does that mean?? Uneventful??? I am going out of my mind, if the results havent come back yet how can they say treatment was uneventful? 

I hope everything goes okay with your appointment tomorrow, post back and let us know how you get on! 


Hi Little Jem,

Didn't want to read and run - hope all goes well at your appointment today and post back and let us know!



Hi all, 

I haven't been on here in a little while but thanks for your messages. 

I saw the consultant nurse on 8th June and she confirmed that the lletz biopsy contained cancer cells, but said that they weren't near the margins. However, the margins weren't clear of CIN3, so I was referred for a second lletz/cone biopsy to ensure that all the risky areas are removed. I had that done under general anaesthetic yesterday and if the results of this one are clear of cancer I'll just be on six-monthly monitoring via colposcopy; if not.....well, I'll cross that when I come to it. 

Another three week wait for results now :( 

Dee19 I see you've had your results and your lletz - hope you're doing well hun xx

Hi LitttleJem, sorry to hear that. Looks like they caught it just in time, lets hope the LLETZ got everything this time round. Will they push you results through a bit quicker this time?

Hi I’ve had the same letter “ LLETTS procedure uneventfully in clinic today”

im none no wiser to what the uneventfully means? 

hey i hope you are well i am scrolling three where today as i have another appointment after my surgery this friday !! it will be 6 weeks and i am wondering how did you get on after your surgery and results xx