Constantly bleeding or heavy discharge

I am so fed up and starting to get worried about the fact that I am constantly either bleeding or having heavier than usual discharge; I had a LLETZ performed on the 27th December under GA and I haven’t not worn a sanitary towel since. I’m not sure if this bleeding and heavy discharge is a result of the LLETZ, a result of me having to come off the combined pill, or symptoms of something more sinister because 3 months of this feels like a lot… Am just wondering if anyone has experienced something similar?

Hey @NicoleLouise , I had the LLETZ 4 weeks ago now and I haven’t had any of them, I had the bleeding for the first 2 weeks then it stopped! It may be worth contacting your doctor to see what they say x

Hi Alex, thank you for your reply! It helps to get some perspective. Think I will write to the doctor tomorrow. Glad to hear that you’re recovering ok :slightly_smiling_face: x

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Yeah hopefully it’s nothing but just best to get checked and see what they say! The only thing I do still get is cramps but nothing else! Fingers crossed it’s nothing related to the procedure and you continue to heal :heartpulse:

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