Constant pain 8 days after LLETZ - painkillers from GP visit not helping

Hello everyone,

I went and had my LLETZ 10 days ago today. The actual procedure was fine and apart from some slight discomfort afterwards everything was great, until 8 days after my LLETZ I got really strong period pain style cramps. My period isn’t due, and I was taking Feminax on the 8th day. This worked with getting rid of the pain until the evening, when it got worse and painkillers were no longer helping. I also noticed some fresh bleeding which hadn’t happened til that point. In a panic, I called 111 who told me to get an urgent appointment with my GP the following day, so 9th day after my LLETZ. I was at the GP yesterday, she took a look with a speculum which was total agony as I was already in pain down there, said it all looked ok to her and took a swab. She also prescribed Buscopan (is this usual? Was anyone else prescribed this after an LLETZ?). My GP also didn’t say when the swab results would be coming back or when/how I would be notified.

Today is the 10th day after my LLETZ and the pain and bleeding is worse than ever. I’ve been in tears with frustration at the fact that none of the painkillers are working and I don’t know what to do. It’s a Saturday so obviously the GP’s office is closed and I can’t contact her. I’ve already missed work last week due to this whole thing, I don’t want to have to take another day off on Monday to go to the GP again as I feel like work are already suspicious that I’m having these issues when my procedure was longer ago.

I’m frustrated, angry and worried, has anyone else had similar issues and can put my mind at ease or give advice about what I can do?

Sorry to hear of your trouble post procedure. When is your period due? Could it be coming earlier? It isnt uncommon to bleed after procedure as things heal and settle down. If there's any infection from the swab they'll give you antibiotics to treat it. Call your doctors on monday to see if results are back and if not just keep trying daily, especially if you dont improve. I have tried feminax for cramping and also buscopan over the counter, cheaper than a prescription, unless you are exempt. I found ibuprofen was just as good in the end x