constant need to urinate after lletz????

hello all i am new here. i had my treatment for what the doctor  thinks is cin3 a week ago now.. i then had an infection and am on anti biotics. but ever since i had my lletz treatment i have not been able to stop weeing. it happens every five mins. its worse when im sitting down. i wondered if its just swollen down there and pressing on my bladder. when i had the treatment i did start to bleed and a couple stitches had to be put in.. any suggestions??

thanks for reading

I have been wee ing a lot since mine not as often as you but definitely more frequently. No idea why but hope it helps to know your not the only one x x 

yes it does thank you for your reply :) it seems to have settled down alot now so must be normal xx

I have been wondering this, I had my lletz on Tuesday and am still seeing for England! So much so I have had to wear sanitary protection to save myself. I wonder how.long it will take to settle down (never had a UTI in my life)