Constant lower back pain

I’ve had a sore back on and off for a few days, I spoke to my nurse she said it was probably the tumour (8 x 7 cm) pressing on nerves. But today I’ve had a constant lower back pain despite taking painkillers, I’m scared that this means it’s spreading to my bowel and I still have another week until my treatment starts. I had an MRI scan last Saturday and there was no sign of spread then, but I keep panicking that it’s spreading a bit more each day. Don’t know how I’m going to get through this week, everyday’s a struggle.

Melanie Sweetheart.

Your cancer is not growing at a visible rate, any more than your hair is. However, you have been a stress-puppy for the best part of a month now. Stress makes our muscles tense which pulls our spines into awkward postures and to be honest, I think your poor back is tired.

Be lucky :-)

Go to your GP and get some anti anxiety medication. Otherwise I fear you will combust! You need to get yourself in a good place for the treatment that is coming, not just physically but mentally too. Stressing is natural, of course it is, but when it is talking over your life to such an extent then there are medications that can calm you down. 

The mind is a very powerful thing, it can play many tricks on you, but it can help you through the toughest parts of your life. You just need to deciede which way you are going to let your mind take you. 

Go to the GP. Even if you don't want medication talking about it with someone will  help you anyway. x 

Thank you for your messages, I think maybe I do need something to help me calm down, before this I was generally a calm and together person but this has just totally devastated me and I can't deal with it and my life seems so out of control.

i have a pre-chemo appointment tomorrow so perhaps I can have a chat with someone.

Mel xx


I agree with the girls above. Get some Xanax from your GP tomorrow. I have been reading your posts and feeling for you SO much because I am in the same boat as you, I'm in constant terror. However, Xanax DOES help. It is non-addictive, will not fog your brain and actually helps you to think practically. You need to do yourself a break and stop creating imaginary futures. Things are hard enough without projecting things that haven't happened. 

You will be under the care of people who have dealt with and successfully cured women who are at later stage than you. Trust in your medical team. It is their job to make you better. I know EXACTLY how you feel, I have barely left the house since Friday and now I am bleeding. But right now at midnight on Sunday I can do nothing to change what is happening inside me except believe that it will be removed or zapped into oblivion in a few weeks. This will happen to you too. Get yourself some Xanax and press pause on the negatives. Please be good to yourself, it's so important. Xxxx

Hi, if your going through or have finished any part of your treatment this could be the cause as I too suffer with constant back ache. I've constantly got a hot water bottle on my back as it hurts so much it makes standing hard so u can barely get out the house for more than 3 hours and have to constantly sit down.

I know it's not cancer as mine has shrunk to the size of a pea and I've had the pain since my chemo which I finished in august and I've had scans since.

Your going to stress unfortunately it's part of the package try and find something that calms you down when you feel a panic coming on like singing or something to take your mind off it. 

Excuse any mistakes my phone keeps changing words