Constant headaches after LLETZ

Hi all,

I had my LLETZ procedure under general anaesthetic on September 29th. Aside from being a little bit cramped and sore when I first came round from the anaesthetic, I've been fine with only the tiniest bit of discharge.

About two days ago I began to experience flu like symptoms - horrible headaches, fever, dizziness and nausea. I know it's not an infection, as I don't feel sore or tender in that area at all and have kept it clean and away from anything that could produce infection. Plus, there's still no blood or even a bad smell, just very slight, barely noticeable discharge.


My flu symptoms seem to have subsided today, but I'm still plagued by horrible headaches. I've been making sure to keep well hydrated, so I'm guessing it's LLETZ related? Is this normal? Have so far been managing the headaches with painkillers, but don't really want to carry on doing so, as it's not the healthiest option.


Thanks for reading :)


I felt really knackered and generally a bit unwell for 2 days afterwards which I'm assuming is LLETZ related. Some of the things you have said can be side effects of general anaesthetic (dizziness, nausea). Sure it'll all be related but might be worth checking in with your doctor to be on the safe side.

Ally x