Constant colds :-(

Evening all,


I finished my treatment a year ago next month, since then I always seem to catch cold! Is this normal? It completely floors me snotty, fever, sore throat etc it clears up for a few weeks and then I seem to catch it again. I know we are supposed to have a low immune system after chemo but this takes the mick! Hope everyone is well as can be. Laura xxx

Hi Laura,

That is all you need after everything you have been through.Really wipes you out

having colds at the best of times.Maybe you would benifit from a tonic,Vit C

Vit B,iron etc.

I am starting back on all my supplements now,also sorting out my intestinal flora

which is shot from the radiotherapy.

Our bodies have been through alot.

Hope you start feeling better soon.

Becky x

Had to take a break from chemo because blood was in such bad shape. Along with everything being low my white cells were quite bad. The neutrophils were down to .5, so my immune system was shot. Along with making sure I upgraded my nutrition, as Becky mentioned, I increased my protein intake, very gentle exercise (even 2 minutes). 

Nutrition in particular helped me to raise the count to 4.2 within a week! Besides trying to eat well, increasing vitamin c, taking my multivitamin and a well balanced b complex, I added pantethenic acid (b5),  temporarily increased b6, folic acid.

I told my nurse practitioner what I was going to take since I had just finished my 6th round of chemo. My med team was delighted with the results. Everything is now mid range normal, except red blood count anemia. But it is improving with the increased proteins in my diet.