Constant Brown discharge - advice???

Hi I was diagnosed with CIN1 in April 2017 and a cervical erosion. Performed cold coagulation treatment on erosion and recovery made. I had my repeat smear in January. During the exam the expert said the erosion was still causing a problem so he zapped it again butbthis time with silver nitrate sticks. A few weeks later my smear results came back to show cin1 still with negative HPV so they would just review again in 3 years! Not happy about that as it’s an anxious time knowing the cells haven’t improved In 12 months. However, since the last smear and treatmentbon erosion I’ve had a constant Brown discharge. When I say constant I mean other than about 7 days after my period finished. Then the discharge starts again. It’s draining. Surely this cant be normal? I’ve had a scan several months ago on my pelvis etc to rule aby problems out there and that’s all fine. Has anyone else had this at all. Plus my periods have been a lot longer than usual since the silver nitrate treatment. Almost lasting a week as opposed to my normal 3 days. Should I be worrying as much as I am??? 

Hi. I'm new to this site but have read through various posts during my search of Dr Google! For the last 3/4 cycles I've experienced a brown discharge. The discharge is stringy and sometimes jelly like ( sorry if tmi). There is no smell. I have also had one episode of red blood, but this has been  very short-lived ( 2 or 3 wipes and gone). I have been on the pill for 5 years with no problems. The discharge always starts around 10-12 days into the new pill packet. The first time it happened it lasted 9 days, next cycle was 5 days. This cycle the brown discharge has been less but is still happening. 

The Dr sent me for sti tests which all came back clear. The nurse and the Dr at the gum clinic looked at my cervix and said it looked very healthy. All bloods have come back normal to. 

I feel like everyone thinks I am over reacting. The Dr at the gum clinic even asked me why I was so worried! I really don't know what to do or where to go from here. I suffer with anxiety and this discharge is causing me to think the worst. 

I have experienced some mild cramping in cervix area but this was around the time of my period. Also had episodes of trapped wind ( but I put this down to anxiety). 

I'm up to date with smears and have never had abornmal results. 

If anyone can shed some light on what's going on I would be forever grateful. 

I also have this strange brown discharge. On scans it appears that I have fluid of some sort in my uterus. My doctor thinks it may be a pouch that formed after my last c section. So menstrual blood gets trapped in it and comes out later during my cycle, especially around ovulation time. I think she called it an isthmocele. Anyway this is just a theory. If you find any answers please let us know! 

Hey, did you ever get to the bottom of this? I am experiencing the same and I'm going mad... just want it to stop.