Constant bleeding


I had a normal smear in april 2018, gave birth dec 2018 amd since my baby was born i have bleed for 28 weeks, with 1 break which lasted 8 days. I had scan of womb and ovaries and they were fine, now im having a pelvic exam on tuesday.

This bleeding is only when i wipe, bit is every single time i wipe. apart from a period of 9 days where i bled incredibly heavy. Then stopped bleeding for 8 days and now back again.


Last month i was told i have a hyperactive thyroid, i was advised this normal stops periods/bleeding etc, but im wondering if this could be the reason, or os something bad could be going on?


Hi Sam,

I’m having the exact same thing. I’ve bled almost every day for 7 months, mostly when I wipe. I’ve been back & forward to the doctor so many times who finally agreed to giving me a smear & refer me. Did you ever get any answers?

hi, i have an overactive thyroid caused by graves disease.  this hasnt stopped my periods at all, theyre just a little irregular. 

when i spoke to the dr who did my lletz preocedure, i asked if thyroid is linked to the cervix - because ive had so many issues since being diagnosed with graves disease - but she said no. 

i dont know if this helps you at all.