Constant bad smears- children mentioned

Could anybody advise on the below 

hi, I was wondering if anyone could help, I am 28years old and have had 3 years of constant bad results including borderline, cin1, cin2 and cin3, does severe dyskosis mean the same as cin2/3? I'm slightly unsure. I also have high risk hpv ( I am also not entirely sure what this means) i have now have spent the last 3 years practically living at the hospital, bad results, colp clinic, leetz... It's the same routine every time. I have never had a clear result. I have now had 3 lots of leetz/loop excision, but my results showed after the last one I still have cin2 (being treated as cin1 for some reason) I

honestly thought I would be all clear after this last one but unfortunately not :( I have been asked to go back to the colp clinic in 6 months... But what can they actually do If it is bad again (which I'm sure it will be if it is already at cin1) I have been told I barely have any cervix left and will most probably struggle during my next pregancy. So on my next results if they are bad again what is my next option if I can't have any more leetz/loops? My gynecologist isn't exactly great at explaining and a lot of the time I feel like I'm a nussience to him... Even though he tells me I am very abnormal for this to keep coming back etc... I fist took it that all women go through this and it wasn't until he sat me down and explained that once it's treated it shouldn't really come back and that i am very unfortunate... 

This obviously made me panic, so when I'm worried about it now it's like he's bored of having to keep seeing me. also one of my results came back as cin2 and he advised me to go back in 1 year ... 

With my complex history that didn't seem rite do I ends up going private for smear... Referred back to him for colp and loop so god know what would have happened if  I hadnt. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi. I'm on the same boat in that I have had bad smears since 2012. I have had two lletz and recently a cone biopsy. I too have high risk HPV, which is the virus responsible for cervical cancer. I asked the consultant after the latest procedure what the next course of action would be for me should my smear come back abnormal again in June and his response was a hysterectomy. My situation might be different from yours though so you are better off asking your consultant upfront. Usually lletz are 95% effective so we are a bit unusual. But I have seen a few other posts on here of ladies with the same problem. Good luck and I hope you manage to have a good conversation with your doctor.

Thank you for your response, that was what I imagined to be honest, he has mentioned a hysterectomy in the past... I think if I didn't want more children they would have pushed for it. I feel like I spend half of my time working myself up to go and half waiting for results. 

Be aware that in some hospitals they can do a trachelectomy which is an option to preserve fertility. They don't do the op in all hospitals though. :-( 

Hi, thank you for your reply. Sorry I am unsure what one of those is? I have spoken to a lady at the hospital and she advised if I am in a position to focus on finishing my family sooner rather than later... It doesn't look too good at the moment. X 

Hi Tonilee,

My heart goes out to you, I understand what a hellish nightmare this all is. I've had abnormal results now (no clear smears at all) for over 5 years and it scary when they start to run out of options. 

I found some info on trachelectomy for you. Basically they remove the cervix but leave the womb in place so fertility is preserved.

If they don't do this at your hospital and it's something you want to consider, you always ask to referred somewhere else that does it. After hysterectomy they do vaginal smears, although I don't know how long for.

I wish you all the very best x

I just wanted to add. You should ask your consultant whether you can try for a baby. I had a baby between two lletz. As the cin had returned after I got pregnant, I was closely monitored during pregnancy. Also if you are at risk of having a premature birth due to all the treatment you have had, they can put a stitch in place or give you hormones. Good luck.

Thank you for all your help, I wasn't aware that was available I will do some research on this. I am feeling a little more hopeful now :))