Conservative Management

Hi Ladies,

So I’m currently under Conservative Management for CIN2. I’ve just had my first 6 month check in and biopsy… now the wait for results.

Can anyone share their experiences with Conservative Management?

I’ve got 2 years of this and wonder if the waiting gets any easier?


Hi Emma,
I had cin2 when I was pregnant which was monitored and cleared after birth. I’ve also had cin3 which cleared on its own- but did reoccur 18months afterwards and now had the lletz, as I’ve been years on and off with it.
There is a very good possibility cin2 can heal on its own and I personally think it’s worth a try, especially for those wanting more children. They monitor quite closely when I opted for conservative management, which I was happy with.
Some may not feel comfortable leaving it, so I think it depends on your personal level of risk and do what you feel most comfortable with.

Hi Missymoo100

Thank you for your response. It is helpful to be able to hear about other people’s experiences with Conservative Management. I am 29 y/o with no children. Having had quite a large excision at 25 y/o I was keen to try and avoid another as best I can!

The annoying thing at this latest colposcopy appointment was that I saw a different consultant who clearly hadn’t read my notes. Half way through the procedure he popped up and asked if I’d had an excision previously! It doesn’t instill confidence that you are being cared for and looked after! But, nonetheless, doesn’t make me question his expertise.

Just the wait for results now but, hopefully, I can carry on with my 6 monthly check ups

Good luck Emma, hopefully you’re young enough to fight off the virus and avoid another procedure.
I did a little bit of research when I was being conservatively managed and apparently probiotic drinks like yakult can help - maybe worth a try while you wait.