Conservative Management of CIN2

So I went to hospital for my LLETZ treatment today. This is my second LLETZ in 4 years and my previous was quite a large excision (between 1.1 - 1.7 centimetres). The Nurse Colposcopist said that my cervix is so far back that I would need to go to theatre and have either sedation or general aneasthetic so they could pull my cervix forward to perform the treatment.

She gave me the option of having the surgery today or tryinf Conservative Management of CIN2. I will have to go back every 6 months for 2 years and have biopsies to see whether the cells regress. She was concerned that my cervix is already very short and I haven’t had any children.

I decided to go with Conservative Management. Of course, it might mean that I eventually need the treatment any way but I’d rather try and see if it can sort itself out (fingers crossed).

She will be discussing my case at MDT in the next month and will let me know whether they are still happy to put treatment on hold.

I just wondered if anyone was able to share their experience of Conservative Management with CIN2 and any advice you might be able to give. The Nurse was trying to figure out what might have caused it to return so quickly but I’m generally in good health. My immune system seems ok, I rarely get ill. I don’t feel like my job or general life is stressful.

Thanks in advance.

Any idea from you nurse or consultant how things change so quickly from

Low to moderate

Or moderate to high
I was told that my friends low grade changes on her smear 8 th Feb this year to her smear results
8 th march to her colposcopy on the 5 th April wont change or should not change to moderate or high that quick
So in 8 weeks he smear ahould reflect the same on her colposcopy.

No real indication of how quickly things could change but my general understanding is, typically, very slowly. I’m fully expecting it to be exactlythe same in 6 months time.

I think CIN1 has a very high chance of regression but I don’t know about CIN2. The Nurse Colposcopist just said there is a lot of research to suggest that CIN2 can go back to normal on its own. I guess it just depends from person-to-person whether that happens and, if so, how quickly.

Yes my friends results were high hpv and low grade changes .so from the smear 8 th feb to her coloscopy april 5th i am hoping the r the same if not gone.
As this is only 8 weeks from smear to coloscopy appt and i hope and cant see and what i read them changin that quick and go up a level

So do they always do LEEZ treatment for CIN 2

I read and thought it was a recall every 6 month or do they treat CIN 2 on the day of coloscopy or wait for the biopsy results to confirm you have CIN 2 Before the treat.

I was told they biopsy and if low grade leave them for a recall 6/12 months later.

If CIN 2 they can treat on the day but if the biopsy comes back low then its been a procedure that would not have been needed so they always wait for the biopsy results first.

They will typically do LLETZ treatment if a punch biopsy confirms CIN2 or CIN3. The only reason I have been offered Conservative Management is because I have had previous treatment and my cervix is already very short and weak.

I would expect your friend will go to Colposcopy, have the solution applied and, if anything shows up, they will do a punch biopsy. She would then wait for results and, depending on what they are, be invited back to Colposcopy for treatment or invited to return in 6-12 months to see if the cells have turned back to normal (if results are CIN1).

Hope that makes sense?

How much of an idea or opinion on the day of the first colposcopy of what the grades are that day of your first appointment.

So if the smear is low grade can they see low grade or do the have to be moderate or higher to actual see them.
When i say see them i mean the dye changing colour at that time.

As far as I understand, any abnormal cells will show up regardless of the grade. The grade cannot be determined by eye, only in the lab with a biopsy.

Cheers :+1: