Good Morning! I'm new here and this is my first post... I'll start from the beginning. In October 2016 I went in for a pap an to get put on Birth Control ( I have one daughter, born August of 2014 ) I hadn't been examined since my pregnancy. I ended up getting the Mirena IUD... I got a phone call about 2 weeks after my appointment and they told me I had Mild Cervical Dysplasia and explained to me that it could go away on its own but I would still need to be seen every 6 months.... Between then and now I have changed my diet and lost weight ( I was 178 and now I'm 146 ) I had my 2nd check up about 3 weeks ago and I thought it would have went away given the fact that I've gotten alot healthier but I received a phone call saying my  Cervical Dysplasia has progressed and I need to come back in 2 weeks for a Colposcopy and a biopsy. ( When she did my pap smear she said that my cervix looked irritated even without looking close.) anyways I had the Colposcopy done yesterday and they took a biopsy at"8 O'clock." The procedure wasn't as bad as I expected but when they put the Peanut butter stuff on after the biopsy it burned and I had really bad bloating after.... I have one daughter my husband has a son, together we have one boy and one girl.... When we got the phone call we discussed all of our options and I know this is "pre" Cancer but we decided we didn't want anymore kids, we just don't want anything like this coming back so we really want to see about having a Hysterectomy or a Trachelectomy. This is the scariest thing I have ever gone through and I really would like to have it just completely gone so I don't have it in the back of my mind that I have cells that could turn into cancer. Maybe I'm crazy but I would just like to know everyones stories!!


The wait for the biopsy results is going to kill me!!!!

A hysterectomy is a very big operation. It's personally wouldn'y consider it until other less invasive procedure haven't been successful - like loop / lletz....

Even with a hysterectomy there is still a risk of changes to the vaginal wall - VAIN... Maybe wait until you know were you are at! X


I agree, there's a few steps you can go through before you need to consider such a big surgery! The lletz procedure is meant to have a 95-98% success rate and is much less invasive! You might not even need to do that depending on what your biospy results are. :) 

Just had a lletz done after repeat cin 1 results. 

Thanks everyone! I called my Dr. yesterday because I think the antibiotics they gave me for BV gave me a yeast infection and I was wondering if I could get monistat for it since you're not supposed to insert anything up there for a week.... Well while I was on the phone with them they asked me to come in tomorrow afternoon (today) to discuss my biopsy results.... Does that mean its bad news?!?!

So did you see them today? It might just to discuss yoyr treatment options. Keep us posted xx