confusion need help!!!

Nearly 10 weeks ago I had my smear test done which came back abnormal of moderate changes, two weeks after receiving the results I had a colpscopy done and the consultant said my cervix was actually not as bad as he thought And Looked Like CIN 1, I then had a biopsy of the most abnormal area or possibly some areas which came back inflammation to my cervix only and because my smear said high grade changes they have arranged for me to have my smear histology and cytology reviewed and if moderate changes are confirmed then I will need to go for a LEETZ treatment,  I am really confused why the smear and biopsy gave two different results,  if abnormal cell changes were detected by smear why would the biopsy only showed inflammation?  I thought the biopsy will give a more accurate diagnosis and more information of the cervix? do inflamed cervical cells look very similar to CIN cells under the microscope? how can they decide whether for definate that I have abnormal cells based on these two different results? Can CIN give you some symptoms like excessive discharge, pain, itching and irritation as I have been having these for weeks and had a swab done which came back negative,  I am still very puzzled what is actually causing these horrible symptoms as they seem to disappear on the days of my period and will reappear as soon as my period is gone,  anybody please give me some advice I am very worried and confused!  Many many thanks! 

Hi Maggie,

I noticed that you haven't had any replies,so just wanted to say Hi,

and see if you had your results back yet.Hope everything has been

sorted out and you have had a good out come.


Becky x