Confusing results. Should I be worried?

Hi everyone,

Just thought I'd see what people's opinions are on this situation. So after my smear test I received the results that I had high/severe grade changes and was pretty much definite I would need treatment. I went for my colposcopy and afterwards we talked about my treatment options (I was considering having a GA as I found even the smear test very painful) and I even gave her my holiday dates so she could make sure the treatment was organised for after then. However, when my letter came with my punch biopsy results they said they hadn't found any changes. How could it go from high/severe to nothing? They said they would discuss my case at a meeting in July to decide what to do. When the letter came it said that they had reviewed the screening sample and 'they suspect that it might be an overcall or the changes may be truly severe'. They go on to say that given that it is not straight forward they will see me in 6 months time for a colposcopy and repeat cervical screening sample.


So basically what I want to say is would you be happy with this or does 6 months seem like a long time to wait if the changes 'truly are severe'. My mum isnt happy with that but then I think surely the doctors know what they're doing! Absolutely dreading going through it again as I find it so painful and quite upsetting.




Hello :) how confusing for you. I think if I were you I would ask for another smear or colposcopy now, but I know that must be easier said than done if you found it all so painful. Did you take anyone with you last time? Maybe your Mum could come with you? And maybe you could discuss with them how painful it was and they can try and make you more comfortable in some way. It's a really hard one because obviously the Doctors do know what they are doing and you don't want to have to go through it again if it's not necessary, but I think bearing in mind they were possible severe changes (which is was what mine were and they were removed) I think I'd want to know now for sure if that's what they are rather than waiting 6 months with it hanging over you. Maybe go and have a chat wirh your GP about it because they will have your results too and they might be able to explain it all a bit better xxx

Why don't you go and see your GP to get some advice? It does seem odd but my understanding is that the biopsy is going to be the most accurate. A smear is a small sample of cells, a colposcopy is just "having a look"... it's the biopsy that goes under the microscope to be analysed properly. If that's come back as normal that should be reassuring I would think??

Definitely go to your GP and ask if 6 months is definitely the right amount of time to wait x

Thank you for your replies! I have spoken to my GP and she says it will be fine. To be quite honest I trusted the consultants decision (it was my mum that wanted me to check) but for me it's the waiting and dreading it until December. Was seriously considering opting for GA for treatment as I didn't know if I could cope with it again. Now I know I've got to go through another colposcopy again and then possibly treatment too. I know I sound like a right wimp but for some reason I find it so painful.