Confusing Results / Please Help

Hi guys, just a brief background, i went for my first smear test back in August and received results that i have mild changes so was booked in for colposcopy. when my doctor looked with the colposcopy he said that he could see mild changes but took a biopsy to confirm as apparently it was in a few different places. after this my mind was clear and i felt very reassured as my doctor basically confirmed that it was only mild changes.

i then went in for consultation of biopsy results where he told me that biopsy actually showed cin3. Also, I was pregnant at this point but had a termination after I received my results. I asked to be referred for a 2nd opinion and was given ‘one of the best’. So again, I went to see doctor no2 and she told me that because I was pregnant she’d like to perform smear + colposcopy + biopsy again as she said the pregnancy may have affected the results. She did biopsy and only took 2 whereas my previous doctor took around 6/7.

I got my results back today and the smear showed HPV high risk but no signs of cell changes and my biopsy showed cin1 and cin2.

So now I’m just confused as how can the 2nd smear and biopsy results differ so much from one another where they were taken less than 1 min apart. When I asked her she just said I don’t know, sometimes this happens. Not very helpful.

My first doctor had said that there is no evidence to suggest that being pregnant will affect results but my 2nd one disagrees.

My 2nd doctor has suggested I wait another 6 months and see what happens but i’m worried as I don’t know which result is accurate and which one to follow. Also, waiting another 6 months with this on my mind is going to be exhausting. I think whether it is cin 2 or 3 I’d want to have it treated as I’ve done a lot of research on potential side effects and the main one would be premature baby but that has a tiny risk so I’m not too worried about it.

Honestly, I’m just very confused as I don’t know how to proceed and even if I was to proceed which doctor I would do it with.