Confusing results letters

I was hoping that someone might be able to help - I received a letter today that I should have received months ago before my management plan letter. Basically the management plan letter says that the Colposcopy showed mainly CIN1 but a very small area showed a higher grade so they have made an appointment for anither Colposcopy in 6 months. I felt quite reassure by this letter until the post arrived saying the higher grade cells were CIN3. I am now very worried as I thought these cells were the ones that needed to be treated straight away because of the high risk!

I was wondering if anyone had any advice as to what to do next? I'd really appreciate any insight.


Thank you x

Hi Loulou. I would definitely get back to your doctor and get them to bring the colposcopy forward. You are right that CIN2and 3 are usually treated whilst you are having the colposcopy, whilst CIN1 is often left for a six month follow up. That's the procedure in the UK anyway. Although changes take a while to develop into full blown CC you don't want to be waiting with the anxiety. Treatment will very likely be needed, so sooner rather than later for peace of mind if nothing else. Good luck in the future.