Confusing result at 3 month check up

Hi ladies,

Its a little while since I've been on here, I'm a little over 3 months post surgery, and thought I was doing great. At my 3 month check up they did a colposcopy, biopsy and vault smear. The initial communications from my team said the colpososcopy looked good, the biopsy showed normal granulation tissue, but today the smear result has come back saying possible high grade changes.


I'm very confused, as surely if there was a problem the biopsy would have come back abnormal as well? They still only want to see me in 3 months, so I'm assuming they're not worried either, but it's hard not to stress when you see high grade written on things again. Has anyone else had a result like this?

Hi Stormchaser. Hope you are getting on ok post RH. I'm no expert here, but I would think that a biopsy and its results would "trump" any smear test result, which you say says "possible high grade changes". As always if you are unsure and need more info then I would get back to your team for clarification. I had a RH but required chemo rads as there was lymph node involvement. But I have never had another colposcopy, smear or biopsy. Sounds like they are being thorough, and that they are not overly concerned. Good luck with your recovery.

Thanks Rachel, after freaking myself out again today I did get in touch with my team, and they pretty much said the same as you, the smear is not a very specific test, and the results of the biopsy do override it, and the changes can just be because of inflammation from the granulation tissue. They are not concerned, however they were happy for me to come in to be checked sooner if I would like. Its just so easy to go panic stations again when you get news that isn't what you hope for, I have to try to keep my sensible head on.

Glad you have managed to find some reassurance. It can be a very bouncy ride and we all have to learn to be as grounded as possible. All the best