Confusing post LLETZ letter

Hi everyone I've been lurking here for a while but never posted.


I had a smear test back in November and it came back with CIN3 AND CGIN.


I had a Coloscopy and LLETZ the same day and was told I would get my results through the post.


Today after 4 weeks of waiting I had a letter. All it said was what I had done and that i will need a 'test of cure' in 6 months.



What does this mean? Am I ok now or can they not tell for 6 months? 4 weeks of fear and still no confirmation of what the hell is going on. I don't think I can take another 6 months of not knowing.


I'm no expert, but I had LLETZ yesterday so the info is all still really fresh in my mind! The nurse said that I would receive a phone call in 2-4 weeks if there was anything further to investigate.  Otherwise, I'd be recalled via letter in either 3 or 6 months (depending on what they decide is best) for follow-up.


So I think the fact that they don't want to see you for 6 months is good news, but do phone up and check. The medical staff I dealt with stressed that it was fine to phone and ask if I had any questions so presume will be the same for everyone. 

Good luck!

Hi i had my LLETZ done in november, i have CGIN, i also got the letter to say the doc had got all the cells and to go back in 6 months for a test of cure! Try stop worrying as im not now, im guessing we are ok and theres no cancer. We would have been told otherwise. Hope this helps abit xx

Hi Jayne. How long did your results letter take? 

I also have CIN and CGIN. The nurse knew this at the time of treatment and said as CGIN was present there would be a two week turn around. It was 3 weeks yesterday with no news so I gave the hospital a call and a different nurse said it was too soon to chase even though my own nurse definitely said two weeks then check in. Ive left a message for my original Nurse to call me so I’m hoping she can clear it up but that won’t be until tomorrow at least so I’m just trying to understand how long people have waited etc x

Hi, i waited just over 3 weeks as it was getting closer to xmas. So i rang the hospital and they also said it was too early to chase, she said the notes from the doctor said i had cin low grade though, the next i got that letter then between xmas and new year i got another letter saying i had cgin and had to go back in 6 months for a test of cure! Hope this helps x

Hi. It means that at your LLETZ procedure, they got rid of all the bad cells. The test of cure is just to check that they haven't come back. I hope that helps.