confusing LLTEZ results (not in line with biopsy)??

Hi i am new to jos but need some support so I thought i would post on here.


Okay a brief rundown of what has happened so far.

~ I went for a smear (my first one although I am 27!) and it came back with mild changes and hpv present

~ I then went for a coloscopy results from this showed CIN3 not mild

~ Sent to have a LLETZ procedure 2 weeks ago


Following my procedure at first I had minimal bleeding however this was followed by a strong smelling disgarge and a urine infection. gp put me on antibiotics for uti but wasnt that fussed about strong odour. I have now been bleeding for a week. I called the coloscopy dept they said to ask for telephone gp appointment so I am currently waiting fir them to call. While on the phone the dept said they had my results. She said 'your results have not come back in line with your biopsy and your borders have inflammation. please dont worry this is common I now need to refer your results to see if they want to repeat the coloscopy, lletz or wait 6 months'


What does that mean? should i be worried?


thanks in advance