Confusing LLETZ REsults - Any advice?

Hi all

this is my first post but must say I've found the forum to be a wealth of support these last few months. To briefly explain- I found in December that my smear showed abnormal cells and tested positive for HPV virus. In early January I had a colposcopy followed by two punch biopsies which came back as CGIN (they didn't say what grade). And so I had LLETZ treatment January 27th under LA. The procedure itself was pretty painless and a much better experience than I'd anticipated. So, after 4 agonising weeks waiting for the results I received a letter today to say 'your result has shown no abnormality, we will review your case at a multidisciplinary meeting 18 March and contact you with a follow up management plan'. I'm so confused! I don't understand how the biopsies can show CGIN and the LLETZ sample shows nothing. Obviously I'll be delighted if this means I'm all clear but it just doesn't make sense to me. Has anyone had a similar experience? I've been ringing the clinic all day to discuss but theyre not answering. 

Thankyou in advance, 



Hiya, from what you've said I'm presuming that as they have two 

different results that's why they'll be discussing it? Give them a call and explain 


your concerns to them they'll be more then happy to help


hole it's all good newa for you xx