Hi a little background,
I had my smear it came back boarderline and HPV, I was called for my colposcopy and had 2 punch biopsy’s taken, the dr said he thinks I will need treatment but doesn’t know what one yet. Obviously I’m worried it’s something sinister as most do but what I don’t understand is why I didn’t have treatment there and then. Also would the results of my biopsy show if I had cancer or would I only know for sure when Iv had treatment and that has been tested? Sorry for all the questions my dr was not very informative and didn’t really say much to me, he didn’t give me a idea of what cin he thinks ect… Also just a question out of curiosity as I’m so scared of how painful the treatment is, was is similar to the biopsy or is it really painful. Thankyou xx

Hi elliebelly.i too am confused i had tretment in feb for cin3.i had my follow up last monday and they had to take 2 biopsys from me im also thinking the same as you why didnt they just treat me there and then?why did they just take the biopsys and smear?to answer your question about how painful treatment is the initial anestetic they inject into your cervix isnt pleasent but after that you do not feel a thing so try not to worry x

I think he didn't treat because the result can be just cin 1, and then treatment is unnecessary. Sometimes what they think during colposcopy is not the same as the biopsy results. Awful waiting but if it's cin 1 it's good news!