Hi I’m a little bit confused and hoping somebody can help me out. I had a smear last month and while doing it my gp noticed that my cervix looked abnormal and referred me for a colposcopy without waiting for the smear results. I have also had a lot of bleeding mid cycle and after sex.
Today I went for the colposcopy and again the gynae commented that my cervix was very inflamed and had abnormalities so she took punch biopsies from 3 areas and told me I will get the results in about 6 weeks.
What’s confusing me is when I got home from my appointment today I had a letter to say my cervical smear last month was normal and showed no abnormal changes. Can a smear miss some abnormalities or what is going on here?
Could the abnormalities be something else other than cell changes??
If anyone has had a normal smear but abnormal biopsy/ colposcopy what happened next?

Hi Mandybee, I had something similar. I was having problems with excessive bleeding and had an examination with a clear smear, literally a week later I was called in for a smear which resulted in high abnormalities. I was really confused but so glad I went back for the smear. I've now had a loop to remove the abnormal cells. All I can recommend is follow up on any appointments and try to not worry too much. Xx I hope this helps xx

Hi Mandybee,

I had spotting for 6 months last year and kept having smears and various tests... all came back clear and normal. Doctor put it down to my pill, but sent me for a Colposcopy just to cover all basis. Biopsies were taken at the Colposcopy and results came back as CIN2 abnormal cells which knocked me sideways after receiving so many clear smear test results. 

I had a loop diathermy to remove these cells in Dec last year and a follow up Colposcopy in March and all abnormal cells are gone. It's really difficult not to worry, but try not to stress as it's good to spot these things early and treatment is very quick.

I had my Colposcopy in early Nov 2015 and the treatment under local anesthetic the day before Xmas Eve (lovely Xmas present!). The loop treatment itself was very quick and I was celebrating Xmas with the family the next day. I'm an absolute baby when it comes to anything to do with needles and pain and can honestly say I've had bikini waxes that are more painful!

Good luck with everything! X