I visited the doctor as I was having bleeding in between my periods (nothing after sex). I was due a smear so had one a few days later.

He arranged for another doctor to examine my cervix at the same time. Based on what she saw she would either send me as a regular or an urgent referral.

After she examined me she said it warrants an urgent referral as my cervix is inflamed.

My appointment is in early March. In the meantime I have had my smear results and they are clear.

I am confused but as I am still having the symptoms I still have to be seen.

Anyone had any experience like this?


When i went to gp regarding a lump i had found on my cervix she told me that there where lots of abnormalities and redness she put me for urgent referral (i havent had a smear for 3 years) however when i got to colposcopy he said it looked healthy and normal (all except the unknown lump which he took biopsy for and referred me for ultrasound which i am still waiting for... the redness on mine is where i had previous treatment)... the fact that you have had a clear smear sounds like you may be ok however its best to go for the colpoacopy as they can see in more detail.

I hope you get clear results x