In 2011 I had an abnormal smear so received treatment - loop diathermy following a colposcopy and was given the all clear. My HPV test was clear.
This week I have been for my follow up smear and on inserting the speculum I experienced some bleeding and the nurse said my cervix has closed up and that it is not really In keeping with the treatment I had as she said she would not of expected it to happen so soon.
I had explained that I had been experiencing some brown skin looking bleeding at times of my period and that my periods are inconsistent in there duration ie) 2 days one month, 6 days another month. The nurse carried out the smear but stated its in the balance if my test will be adequate but once I get my results I need to see the dr. Should I have not seen the dr whilst I was there, I’m confused as to what’s happening.

Any advice greatly received