hi ladies, this is my first post so please bare with me. I had a smear test in july which came back abnormal so i went for a colposcopy in September, today I received my results from the pinch biopsy and it says that I have cin2 and that I'll need a loop biopsy and laser treatment which may be under GA and I may need to stay in hospital, but what I don't get is my sister who also had a colposcopy same time as me, has cin3 only need a LLETZ. Now I thought that cin3 is worse than cin2? 


Yes, you're right that CIN2 is less severe than CIN3, but generally they treat both, as they don't tend to go away by themselves. CIN2 could turn into CIN3 if left to its own devices.

Often when they say you will have to have your treatment under GA, it because the area they need to treat is large, or in a hard-to-get-to spot. So it's possible that even though your sister has a more severe CIN level than you, hers is concentrated in a small, easy-to-reach area and yours, unfortunately, is not.

You could give the colposcopy unit a ring - I am sure they will be happy to explain why yours needs 2 types of treatment under GA, as they are usually very helpful.

Don't worry about the GA. I had mine done that way, and it was absolutely fine. I think you're the lucky one in fact, because you get to wake up when it's all over :-)

all the best


Thankyou for your reply. i have rang the colposcopy clinic and they said i have a large area of abnormal cells which has spread but she mentioned only taking a little bit from the centre? why would they only take a little bit from the centre if there is a large area? (for some reason my mind went blank so i didnt ask). They are not sure wether it will be GA or local so i supposed i should hope for GA? lol. One more thing, the nurse said on the phone that i would need a pre assessment, do you know what this could be? thanks


I'd ring them back about the 'little bit from the centre' - I don't understand that part either!

If you're having a pre-assessment, you're having GA. It's the check-up that they give you before you have an op under GA, to make sure you're fit for the op, that they know about any health issues you have and they know what blood group you are in the unlikely event that they need to give a blood transfusion.

At least you know why yours is GA and your sister's isnt now!



Great answers so far.

re the little bit in the middl. If you imagine a boil (nice) you can always tell where the centre is. Same for abnormal cells, there will be a bit that is worst they will try to take the biopsy from that bit to get a 'worst' result which in this case is best!! hope that makes sense!

Hi Cody

I was offered a GA as it was my second LLETZ and I think they wanted to take their time without me wriggling! At the pre op a nurse will go through a general health questionnaire with you, check your last period date, BP, weigh and measure and you are asked to take a blood test, you can do the blood test with your GP if you book an appointment, as I waited over an hour for mine with no wifi!!! They will also go through the procedure with you and give you some information about it and about having anaesthetic. You can ask any questions there too. I was petrified having never had any operations before but it was not so bad and spared the anxiety of sitting in the stirrups wondering what on earth was going on whilst making polite chit chat! When you go for the procedure they will ask all the same questions again, and ask you to do a wee sample.

Try not to worry x x x

Thankyou all for your reply :)

illl ring up the colposcopy tomorrow just to double check the "little bit off the centre" part but 365days what you said about it makes sense :) and thanks for answering the pre assessment part moggsy. and hi suzysooz i get what u mean when i had the colposcopy my legs were shaking uncontrollably and the doctor said i was a moving target. i am very nervous about it all as last time i had GA (When i was 9) my stepmum said i had a funny turn and that my eyes rolled to the back to my head so i will have to inform the doctor about this!

thanks all for your replies!