im sorry if this seems daft but I'm a bit lost reading through the forums.

i had a colposcopy last week. The Dr explained that if during it, it confined CIN 3 as in my smear results then she would make an appointment in 4 weeks for me to have treatment. If the biopsies came back ok, this apt could be cancelled. When she was doing the colposcopy she said I def need treatments bit would need to be under GA at the hospital as the area affected was too large. She took 3 punch biopsies. 

Im confused as to why she never made the appointment for the hospital if she is saying I def need treatment. She also turned the monitor away and said "oh you really don't want to see this" she made the nurse stand in front of me also so there was no way I could see he monitor. I asked the nurse why initially the Dr would have said she would make an appointment then cancel it of biopsy was ok. Nurse mumbled and said something like, they won't put you under GA twice so close together. What does this mean? Is there a chance that the DR seen something but is not qualified or in a position to say until the biopsy results are in?


sorry, I'm probably worrying for nothing

Hi there

If the area for treatment is large, and needs to be done under GA, the doctor doing the colposcopy will refer you to the hospital, who will then contact you with an appointment to go in and be treated. In my case someone from surgical admissions at the hospital rang me to see which of the available dates suited me the best.

I think she might have confused you by saying that the appointment could be cancelled if the biopsies came back OK, as you now think that because she took biopsies, they won't make an appointment for you? I imagine that she already has a pretty good idea of what the biopsies will come back as (presumably CIN3) and has taken them to confirm. She probably has referred you, or will do when the biopsy results are in. You could give her a call - mine was very happy to explain to me on the phone what would happen next.

As to the turning away of the monitor, it could be something as simple as you were bleeding a bit after the biopsies, and they didn't want you to see in case you were squeamish - mine let me look at the monitor while she was putting the solutions on, so that I could see the bits that went white, but turned it away once she got down to business. I guess there are some bits that we might find quite interesting, and others that we'd just find gross :-)

I think you're right to be concerned about the comment about 2 GAs so close together though. If they treat you, they should only need to do one. I reckon definitely worth a call to the colposcopy unit to ask for an explanation there!

If you do have it under GA, don't worry about it too much, it's fine. I had it done that way and you wake up when it's all over, so pretty good really.

good luck



Hi King,

The GA comment is certainly confusing and I would ask about that but you will definitely hear in time when your next appointment will be.

As for turning the monitor away I would say it was certainly to save you trauma. I had been adamant about being able to see & watched all of my lletz procedure although the nurse advised me not too. She held my hand the entire time and kept me talking as though to distract me, I am now very thankful for that and half wish I hadn't seen it as it knocked me sick and I went very faint. The camera angle was bad for my biopsies last year but there was a lot of blood so unless you demanded to see I think they were probably trying to save you the additional trauma.

I hope you hear back soon and everything goes well for you xxx