So not sure what I want to say or what advice I even need. 

Two weeks ago while back in London I paid to have a private smear done, three days later I recieved an email as my plane was about to take off to Hong Kong (I'm working here for the summer) to say that I needed to have LETZ as CIN2 present.


Luckily Emirates have wifi and was able to get an appointment sorted out, I had that appointment and had the procedure last week. On Friday I got the results and I've been diagnosed with adenocarcinoma, the doctor thinks it is very early which is good and she has now said I need a cone biopsy and she hopes that will remove all the cancer cells. She has also suggested that I consider having my womb removed. Unfortunately as an expat i'm not entitled to NHS and my insurance here doesn't fully cover me so it's going to be an expensive time too.


Do you feel my doctor is being over dramatic with the womb removal, any advice on this would be exteremly welcome. I'm a primary teacher and it's always been my dream to have kids ut waited until I was in a stable relationship which I am now. 


I just feel like I have been hit by a bus, I know its a good prognosis and I really should'nt complain but my emotions just seem to be all over the place right now.








Hi Claire


Definitely get a second opinion. if you need more treatment than the cone biopsy there are other options.  You can porentially have a trachelectomy which removes the cervix but keeps the uterus and your chance of having children. Lots of women on here have had them! Unfortunately they are still not 'standard' treatment according to my doctor so you sometimes have to push for it. Good luck 

Hi Nellie

Thank you so much for the information 

Hi :-)

Do get a second opinion. I was 50 when I was diagnosed with stage 2b adenocarcinoma. Had I been in UK my treatment would have been chemo/radio/brachytherapies. But for whatever reason I got a hysterectomy first. It makes no difference to my fertility because I was already menopausal but had I managed to avoid the surgery I think I would be happier about the whole thing today. (and yes, as an ex-pat we had to pay for everything as well though I imagine Greece is cheaper than Hong Kong?)

Be lucky :-)

Hi Tivoli,

Thanks for the advice. I am definately going to get a second opinion as I really want to have a child, after that then yes it might be something I consider but not for the moment unless I have to. Hong Kong is very expensive, but health has to come first so just need to get on with it :) 

Hi Claire,

From my experience, the cone biopsy results will guide you to what your next options are. Hold in mind that your treatment could stop there! It is always good to get a second opinion, perhaps finding a Dr who has an interest in cynae cancer and fertility? Also you will still be able to call Macmillan nurses in UK and so on. And yes to what the others have said.

love and best wishes


ps of course your emotions are all over the place, it is such a shock and lots to learn about. Seek support from here, friends, meditation, finding a complimentary health practitioner who will support you etc. if you can - whatever works for you.